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(Delivered in-person & online)

Delivering key messaging that is not only heard but understood is more challenging than ever. There is an art to capturing the hearts and minds of audiences, made ever harder by shortening attention spans and the vast volume of consumable content. Whether presenting in person or through media, even the most experienced spokespeople benefit from training and practice.

GSD&Co offers a selection of communication training options to ensure you are both prepared and memorable. We offer our sessions in person and/or virtually, and take the time to regularly update our content through surveys and expert input in this ever-changing arena. We have worked with a variety of contrasting clients from both private and public sectors and while confidentiality and anonymity is key, here are a couple of recent testimonials on the effectiveness of our training content and deliver:

Delivering a course virtually is something you’ve put a lot of effort into, or it comes perfectly naturally to you. Either way, I have to say that this was one of the most impressively facilitated training courses I’ve attended.

What I was especially impressed by, and I mean this, was the facilitation of the practice session. Typically, when a trainer say’s anything like “practice session” or “role playing” there’s an internal voice within me that groans “oh, not that!” Generally, I find this part of training to be stilted, awkward, and not that helpful. But, I found this afternoon's practice session to be the most engaging and helpful part of the course. That was certainly a surprise and an appreciated one.

Media Interviews

Understanding the true role of journalists and media plays a critical role in our media training. We regularly consult with journalists across the country and internationally to maintain an up-to-date insight as to how their sector is changing, how those changes affect their role and what impacts that has on you while working with them. Using this insight as a foundation, we work with you to build key messaging specific for audiences before creating space to practice and build on your delivery. We provide tools to help you stay on point and answer questions in a way that resonates with those you are speaking to through the journalist.

Media Scrums

While media scrums happen less, they still happen. They can be stressful and even dangerous if unprepared. We work with you to hone key messages while learning to stay on point and keep your delivery tight.

Committee Presentations

Presenting to committee can be daunting. The cameras are rolling and the key decision makers are listening to your every word, ready to throw hard-hitting questions back. We will prepare you to successfully navigate the committee protocols while developing your key messaging and refining your delivery.


There is a craft in telling a good story, and to making a good story great. Rhythm, language and sentence structure, combined with core message development and understanding the true goal of the speech all contribute to the final outcome. Our workshop helps you learn to balance the required translation for an audience with finding the voice of the spokesperson.

Public Speaking

Half the battle is writing a great speech. The other half is delivering it. Working with a combination of theory and practical exercises we help build your confidence working with practical tools and techniques to ensure your message is delivered with impact.

Recruitment Interviewing

Finding the right person to join your team is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. We provide tools that help you discover the real person behind the interviewee persona and how to make the most of an interview through preparation, asking the right questions and listening to everything – including what is not being said.

Public Consultation/Community Engagement

Public consultation and community engagement has its own unique opportunities and challenges. Participants require a deep knowledge of their subject and an understand that for many in attendance, the subject matter can be emotive, evoking strong and sometimes emotional reactions. Government and the private sector have a societal and legal responsibility to inform, consult and engage in a meaningful way with citizens and stakeholders. It’s vital in building understanding, confidence, support and partnerships. Our training focuses on your ability to effectively participate in community sessions, deliver meaningful engagement, build trust and respect through open channels of communication.

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