Ottawa Business Journal | By Caroline Phillips | Published: 

Friends’ dream of going into business together

strengthened during pivotal trip to Scotland in 2019

Ottawa communication experts Sally J M Douglas and Elizabeth Gray-Smith first met 15 years ago as neighbours, living and raising their children on the same street in the small and quaint district of New Edinburgh.

Not only did the women become close friends, supporting one another during life’s ups and downs, but they worked together, both in the community and professionally. Most notably, Gray-Smith was hired as a columnist at iPolitics by Douglas, when she was deputy publisher of the online political news publication.

The women, appreciating how well they gelled, turned their minds to possibly starting their own communications consultancy. The subject was top of mind during a trip they took together in mid-2019 to visit Douglas’s homeland of Scotland.

We had the most amazing trip and, honestly, drove up and down the country lanes of Scotland dreaming of what our business might look like if we could pull it together. I think that was a turning point for us both, that we began to realize we could actually do this thing.

Sally Douglas